May 12, 2011

Tuesday Morning

Have anyone else ever heard of or been to this store? It's been around my way for awhile and I'd never gone in. Last Friday after work, Bill was taking the boy for a haircut and I had a couple minutes to spare, so I thought I'd pop in. WELL....what the heck did I wait for?! I have to say that the store was a mess...they are relocating, but something tells me that it's always been a mess. You kinda had to pick through, move stuff, look up and down to find the finds.

I had a $25 visa gift card left over from my birthday, so I figured I'd just blow it on something totally random. i got a plethora of randoms that made me happy....for $24 and change.

In addition to the wrought iron cross and bird (that fun), the fake cattails and an initial "E" case for a gift, I found these votives. I would've paid $$$ just for them. Pics don't do them justice...they are gorgeous, and heavy, and not marked....totally look like I could've picked them up in a market in Mexico or some other exotic locale. They make me happy and have already made their home on my summer mantle (tba).

I saw some FAB folk art-ish Halloween decorations that I wanna sneak back for...just trying to figure out how to justify buying Halloween decor in May to the hubby ;-)

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