May 16, 2011

The midnighter {Recipe Swaps}

This was on Friday...and it had been a long week. Hubby thought this beer was funny when he bought it...not so funny when our allergies are at their HEIGHT! took the edge off.
I started my recipe with 2 pork loins in the crockpot on low for six hours in a touch of chicken broth, so they didn't dry out.
Add sourdough bread, baked ham, swiss cheese, dijon mustard and mayo, and a little butter to coat the outside of the bread. (Forgot to show the sliced dill pickles). I layered the items in this order...mayo, swiss, pork, pickles, ham, dijon, close sandwich and lightly butter the outside and
slap on the panini grill. You can also use a sandwich press or another heavy pot or pan on top of the sandwich in a frying pan.
Voila ~ Friday nite dinner!

I call them cuban panini's, but in Cuba they are known as medianoches, the midnighter. I assembled about 3 more large sandwiches than we needed on Friday (for just the two of us), so once cooled, I sliced the rest of the sandwiches into 1-inch strips and took them to a party on Saturday night as an appetizer. They were just as tasty and were an unexpected hit!

I'm linking up with the girls ~ have a fabulous week!

Traci xoxo


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