October 31, 2011

Phoenixville Foundry

If you have occasion to visit or live in the Philadelphia suburbs and need a venue, I strongly suggest the Phoenixville Foundry. We attended a wedding there this weekend and found it to be beautiful and unique.
Built in 1882 and abandoned after the decline of the steel industry, the current owners blend old and new at this event space.
Dramatic lighting, steel and wood is complimented by the crystal of the chandeliers. Sadly, these are all blackberry photos that not even Picnik could enhance. I could have gotten some incredible shots if I'd remembered my camera...sigh.
This wooden cantilever crane is said to be the largest and last of its kind in the US.
There was amazing thick, seeded glass on the balcony railings (not new)...really beautiful the way the lights played off of it.
I was just loving the industrial accents all over. The weekend snowfall just added to the ambiance.

Happy Halloween to All!

In our neck of the woods, we trick or treated yesterday (weird, I know) and this is the only photo I have of Harry Potter and the Roaming Gnome (who refused to wear his hat & beard....).
Fun was had by all and we've got enough candy to last til' next Hallow's Eve.

Wishing you & yours a Happy Halloween!

October 28, 2011

Check this out >>>>

{Image Courtesy of the New York Social Diary}

As I bid adieu to Halloween 2011, I'd like you to check out this link.

Fabulous NYC Halloween Decorations ~ Enjoy & Happy Weekend!

Brrrr Comes the Bride

We're headed to the Philadelphia suburbs for a wedding this weekend. The bride when planning her crisp, cool Autumn wedding, probably did not expect a forecast of 2-4 inches of snow.

{all images courtesy of Pinterest}

It will cast a glow upon their day & night and will make for an unforgettable day...Congratulations Jackie & Matt!

Everyone have a Warm weekend ~ Thanks for visiting! xoxo Traci

October 26, 2011

Just a Friendly Reminder... {semi} Wordless Wednesday

Less than 2 months. Are you ready...have you started?!

Cookbook wrapped with fabric & tulle, adorned with wooden spoons

Fresh herbs wrapped in burlap with a satiny ribbon
{all photos courtesy of Pinterest}

I'm making my lists and checking them twice ;-)

Linking up with Daphne for sWW & Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting!

Thank you for visiting! xoxo Traci


October 21, 2011

To be Early is To Be on Time

I am seeking cheap & easy ideas for Christmas Urns. There was a plethora of Halloween/Autumn urns that were awe-inspiring...so I'd like suggestions from all of my Uber-talented blog buddies for Christmas ideas.

{ all photos courtesy of Pinterest }

I've already gotten some fun ideas from Pinterest, but I WANT m o r e..... My urns are black and are exposed to the weather (which is why I can't do a pine-cone theme...have you ever seen a big, bulbous pine cone get wet?? It's not pretty....)

They say to be early is to be on time....well I'm pushing it now aren't I?!

Thanks for visiting, and your input! xoxo Traci

October 20, 2011

~ Sweet Giveaway ~

No...not mine (that'll be next week and it's garden-related). One of my fave bloggers, Ashley, is hosting a fantastic giveaway from a super fun Etsy shop found here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/gemsinvogue?ref=seller_info
These are just a few of the fun things that I have added to my own wish list. I have a couple of dove-themed items in my closet, I would love to add this sweet necklace to my repertoire.
This is super-unique and I love hammered silver...
I think this is sweet for Autumn :)
(photos courtesy of Gems in Vogue)

Marcasite is one of my all-time favorites. I have a few near and dear pieces of it in my jewelry box, I would love to add this. (I wish my husband would get off fishing websites and read my blog once in a blue moon...the hints I give would stop the "what do you want for Christmas, your birthday, anniversary, etc...?!")

In your travels stop by Ashley's blog http://www.sweetsouthernprep.com/ and enter & visit this fun Etsy shop. Remember...Christmas is right around the corner, I am sure you will find a beautiful stocking stuffer for your moms, sisters, daughters, aunts, bff's, teachers, etc....

October 19, 2011

Spooky Party Treats {repost}

Repost from 2010 ~ Still my favorite Halloween Party Treats!

Happy Halloween! Easy treats for your costume parties or lay out a spread during trick~or~treat for friends and neighbors that may pop in!

I posted these recipe/displays last year when I got the idea from Woman's Day Magazine (photo courtesy of Woman's Day)

I started with deviled eggs; using sliced olives for the eye-balls and pimento for the "bloodshot." I laid them on a bed of black beans for an even grosser effect.

In the pumpernickel bread coffin is your standard spinach dip...
accentuated with plastic spiders and eyeball & pumpkins candies that can be found currently in the Halloween candy aisles. I loved Womans Day version with the skeleton even more, but I was pressed for time...with a little pre-planning you can recreate these, or improve upon them. Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting! xoxo Traci

two {semi} Wordless Wednesday

Can't believe my baby will be 2 tomorrow...
Time flies when you are in love.

Happy Birthday Brennan Dennis!!


October 13, 2011

Botanical Gallery Wall {and a question}

I purchased 12 botanical prints (8x11's) on eBay last week for a ridiculous price (like dollar store ridiculous). They are actually double-sided, so I have my choice of 24 species to chose from to create a gallery wall in our living room, once it's repaired & repainted. I am going to display the whites, greens, yellows and oranges from the bounty I received...maybe 8, maybe 12.

So here's my empty-wallet(ed) question....Where do I buy lots of 9x12 frames?! Maybe 8, maybe 12?! Cheap. If anyone has any tips, tricks or insight, please share.

Inspiration photos courtesy of Pinterest

Have a fabulous fall weekend everyone ~ thanks for visiting! xoxo Traci

October 12, 2011

~Versatile Blogger Award~

I'm thrilled to have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from the lovely Melissa from http://madeinthesouth.blogspot.com/. One of my faves, I was originally introduced to Melissa by her sister http://www.susieharrisblog.com/. They are seriously talented....amazing genes! Thank you Melissa...I'm honored.

Rules: Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award, Share 7 things about yourself, Send it to 15 other bloggers and let them know you have awarded them!

My 7 things...

I love my kids more than words can describe and would do anything to keep them healthy & safe

I'm obsessed with Cheerios. Plain only, dry or with milk. I should've bought stock in General Mills a long time ago.

Is thinking right now...coming up with 7 things is tough!

I'm a border line hoarder when it comes to clothes, shoes, jewelry and products. I will never wear or use things in my closets/cabinets but complain about the lack of space.

I love real estate. I follow local home listings/sales religiously, but I was too shy to ever pursue a career in it...

I'm really shy! Unless I know people, I'm very insecure publicly. Maybe that is why I blog, it's easier to be anonymous (except I put everything "out there"!)

I wish I was Southern girl! I love all that is south of the Mason/Dixon. Which according to some, I missed by just 60 or so miles ;-)

I have a champagne taste on a beer budget. I would not think twice about spending 3K on a throw rug. Which is why I am hoping to win the Publishers Clearinghouse or the lotto some day.

This is a sampling of my favorite Versatile Bloggers (in no particular order):

I may not notify everyone of my nominating them (shy), but I did want to share my favorites. They all have made me better in some way...parenting, decorating, crafting, cooking, etc. Check them out!

Thank you again Miss Melissa! xoxo Traci

Montauk Daisies {semi} Wordless Wednesday

I've been obsessed with Montauk Daisies this week and I'd never even heard of/or noticed them before. I'm a wanna-be gardener. I try my hand at lots of plantings, but really have only ever excelled at Morning Glories (which will be part of my 1st ever give-away next week!)
On Monday, I was house-hunting with my Mom and noticed a planting at one of the homes...Montauk Daisies. I was attracted not only by the blooms, but the thick woody stems and the fact that they are a Fall bloomer.
I picked one up at my local nursery and I am obsessing over where to put it in the ground before the first frost. I'm so (strangely) excited!
It was late by the time I got home, so you get an after dark shot.
Then I tried one without flash.....How freaky is the moon "trail"?!

Tomorrow I will be graciously accepting a Versatile Blogger Award and singing the praises of one of my faves that bestowed it upon me...stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting! xoxo Traci