July 9, 2014

Staycation 2014 Recap

We are so lucky to live in a place where so many come to vacation, therefore it makes it easy to just keep it local.

Our week was filled with beach, barbecues, fireworks and baseball games.

Day one, I hightailed it out of work, picked up a bucket of chicken and we drove onto the beach for dinner and a swim.  Unfortunately, the greenhead flies and winds weren't cooperating.  Bill dug the boys a windbreak and I captured this sweet shot.  

Day two we spent at the local water park, and we were having so much fun this is the only pic I got.  

Day three was spent swimming and prepping for a bbq.  Chocolate covered strawberries and ADULTS ONLY jello shots.  The shots were Bills idea, I typically decline, but these were delicious...

Cherry jello and citrus vodka is where it's at.

Independence day was rained out due to Hurricane Arthur.  Sleeping in, bagels for breakfast, a couple of movies and ice cream for lunch was actually a nice break and respite from the sun.

The hurricane washed away the heat and humidity and by 6pm, we were on the boardwalk for a night of rides, games and go-karts.

The next two days were literally the most perfect beach days.  I thought we were fancy with our pop-up potty, until we met our neighbors...

...with 3 tents and full kitchen setup (and they were just day trippers from Philly, I need to step up my game)

They were so nice to be parked next to, and the boys and there grandsons played soccer all day.

Since the fireworks were cancelled on the 4th, we spent the 5th in our old town watching the rescheduled ones on the beach.

It was nice to visit, but I miss that river town so much.  We had a great night with friends enjoying the perfect weather and band on the beach prior to the show.

On Sunday afternoon, Bill and I headed back to the beach for some quiet time, fishing and reading.  But again, those winds were brutally blowing the sand, so off to the local raw bar for some clams + shrimp.

By Monday, everyone was bushed from our whirlwind week.

Here's a couple more shots from our Blueclaws baseball game...

Until next year summer vacation : )

Thanks for visiting!