May 18, 2011

Rambling...{Semi} Wordless Wednesday

I am frustrated, I am still having issues with Blogger. I have lost all of the blogs I am following in my reader and even trying to create this post I am having trouble, so I'm not sure what you're gonna get! Please leave me a comment, so that I may RE-follow you ~ thanks!

My mom and her sisters spent Mother's Day at the beach on Siesta Key, as they have for many years since my Grandmother passed. My Aunts live in TX & NC and Moms in NJ, so they gather once a year on the west coast of FL near my Great Aunt, because time is precious. I am so glad that they have this time together and I positive that my Grandmother is with them as well... My Mom, Aunt Holly & Aunt Brenda circa 2002~ish.

Holly, Mom, Brenda and Aunt Dotsy last week. Don't they look fabulous? I have good genes!

Happy Wednesday!!

xoxo Traci


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