May 24, 2011

Glimpse of our Weekend

It was an at home, workin' weekend. Just about a month ago, we had no grass at all, just topsoil. After a lot of hard work and tons of seed & fertilizer, it's coming along beautifully. After adding some rocks and the zebra grass, all I need to do is to add some annuals to this bed and I'm done with this display.
I made a shephards pie...Bills all-time fave (as you can see, he didn't wait for me to take a pic...)

I baked a ham for Sunday dinner with friends. I used the glaze recipe from the current issue of SL (shocker) and substituted Jack Daniels for Bourbon...pretty tasty if I do say so myself (recipe to follow)

My Morning Glories :) These seeds I used to plant were cultivated from my beloved bachelorette pad in 2008. They have been in an envelope waiting to bloom again....

This was a month prior (see the nasty old grass, told ya). We installed some slate as well, between the street and the sidewalk. Looking forward to updating you all later in the season with pics of beautiful blooms :)

I've been sidelined with a sinus infection and I am trying to pack us for a weekend in the mountains, so there probably won't be any tantalizing posts from me. Although you never know...blogging always sucks me back in!

xoxo Traci

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