March 30, 2011

Homes I Love...

Ocean Gate, NJ: The best kept secret on the Jersey Shore. This is a modular home/slightly ostentatious, but worth it's location... Beach/boardwalk frontage Does it even matter what's inside?
Low maintenance
I'd rock this room
Where the Toms River meets the Barnegat Bay. Views are incredible, these photos don't do them justice. Ocean Gate was my old town, where I owned my 1st home during my bachelorette days. There are sailing schools all summer long and the view is dotted with hundreds of miniature white's enchanting.

2 miles east x 5 miles north and this home would be 2.5 million. In Ocean Gate...599K.

Happy Real Estate Stalking!

March 29, 2011

Dance Party {semi} Wordless Wednesday

Saturday Night Dance Party at our house We re~wound Cee Lo Green's Forget you at least 4-5 times Boys break dancing... Little one was a little frightened by daddy & Collin
This all occurred after the ice cream man came down our street for the 1st time this year...sugared up!
They slept deeply this night...


March 28, 2011

Pete & Elda's

There is a landmark on the Jersey Shore called Carmen's Pizza/Pete & Elda's Bar. Pete & Elda's for short. It is home to a legendary, paper-thin crusted pie. Toppings are discouraged, as it will weigh down the thin crust, but I am partial to sausage & peppers (they are sliced thin too). You shall NEVER order extra cheese.

I can honestly say this place is in my blood; my mom had it on March 11th, 1973 (just hours before I arrived). I think I may have figured out their secret ingredient(shredded provolone cheese ~ shhhh). Not that it matters, it's pretty hard to recreate. Oh, and the sauce...I'm not even going to go there, you'll have to try it and see!

Patrons who eat a XXL alone get a free T-shirt. The XXL slices folded on top of each other = about 3 slices of boardwalk pie, but not nearly as tasty!

These guys did not earn their T-shirts, but daddy did. I am just happy my picky eaters TRIED it at all!

If you ever find yourself down the Jersey Shore, try Pete & Elda' ME, it's worth the wait and lack of parking spaces~

March 24, 2011


I am not a purveyor of fine art, in fact most of mine is inherited, homemade or Homegoods. I'd like to be though...and I enjoy interpreting pieces. I recently saw a story on the 5 o'clock news about Artsicle. It's a NY-based program that allows buyers to lease an artwork for $50 per month and if they like it, they buy it; or if not they can trade it in for a different piece or simply return it all together. Currently, the program is only available in the NY area, but in time I am sure it will expand. It's such a fabulous concept...even if you'd like to lease a piece for an event or function. I have found 3 pieces that I would love to find a home (in mine!) for.... Easel by Alexander Motyl - 24x24 - $750 to purchase
Untitled by Katarina Wong - 15x12 - $400 to purchase

Ocean by Alexander Motyl - 12x12 - $500 to purchase

Keep an eye out in a city near you for this program and for more information go to

All photos courtesy of Artsicle

{sn}oh no!

I'm dreaming of summer, at this point I'd take a bit of spring. It's snowing here again, not accumulating, but's March 24th. summer dreams include clamshell (or wampum?) driveways.
I see them from the Hamptons, to Long Beach Island, to the mile-long driveways of the Virginia's Eastern Shore (often leading up to a quaint 100-year old farmhouse by the shore at the latter).

Not so easy on the feet, but easy on the eyes.

It just screams B~E~A~C~H. As am I right now....

Last Friday it was 77*...warm, sunny & breezy. I can not wait to stop whining about the cold weather, bear with me, it's almost over.

March 21, 2011

Stick a fork in me...(Meal Planning Monday)

Just a few of the places we visited this weekend. 2 Birthday parties, 1 family dinner and a lazy breakfast. Needless to say, it's time to get back to business and stay accountable, so I am joining Kristy & Jen for Meal Planning Monday's. Counting Pennies & Calories!

Monday: Buffalo Shrimp Salad with Grilled Asparagus
Tuesday: Dinner at the in-laws (my MIL is a dietician, always healthy)
Wednesday: Grilled Turkey Kielbasa and Smashed Cauliflower
Thursday: Garlic Chicken & Pasta with Steamed Broccoli
Friday: Takeout Sushi - Red Lobster Roll (spicy lobster with cucumber topped with tuna and spicy!)

March 15, 2011

coffee & cake {semi} Wordless Wednesday

One of my bff's is not feeling well. She's only 2 years old, but she's got a cold and is working sporadically. Overuse...maybe.

Collin picked out the candles for my birthday cake this year. Coincidence....I think not.

I'm linking up with Daphne @ Flip Flops & Pearls for Semi Wordless Wednesday and (shocker! I'm lucky I can post at all) I can't get the linky button to work...find her here

March 11, 2011

will work for paint {Home Tour Tuesdays}

As neat as it's gonna get...Welcome to our playroom! Sometime in the future it will be named the CBH Club, when I get creative with paint (this room desperately needs paint....but realistically, not til' late this year, if this year at all). Notice Collin's Quad parked in the corner for the winter
We've only been in the home for 1-1/2 years, it was formally a garage, then a studio to house family or older children. For us a playroom. It houses all of Collin's toys, most of Brennans, the wii and Daddy's kegerator in the kitchenette. (Nice...boys will surely appreciate THAT during their formative years....)

Again....another place in our home that is DESPARATE for shelving

Kitchenette and a handy~dandy 1/2 bath.

I am blessed to have a spot to house all of this stuff, so many do not. It's lacking asthetically, not very stimulating, but again hope to jazz it up in the future. I do like how the entrance from the house is elevated and I have visions of the boys putting shows on that "stage"! On that entrance wall we do plan on painting it with chalkboard paint, so the boys can express themselves (or eat the chalk depending on which one!)

March 10, 2011

Homes I Love...

Fair Haven, NJ. I'm not even going to post the exterior of this home....actually it's kind of...blah. But venturing inside, it is far from that...I love the window treatments, bench and fluffy bedding(although they need more of a statement piece over the bed!)
A lovely nursery....I will never tire of toile.

functional, updated kitchen with a touch of country...totally me. Loving the backsplash tile...

While I am not a fan of blue, I love the formality and arrangement of this room. The window seat and nautically decorated mantle are calling me into this room. Bonus to the lucky buyers of this home....

2 Fireplaces! One traditional and one FUN! I saved this for the last photo ~ I love this room {sigh}... The stone fireplace, the high ceilings, the chandalier, the quirky mix of furniture, the warmth of this room.

From the Realtor: Charming 4 bedroom, 3 bath home. Lovingly renovated and ready to move right in! Beautiful kitchen, granite counter tops, top of the line cabinetry with stainless steel appliances. Hardwood flooring throughout, master bath w/carrera marble and tray ceiling in master bedroom. Fully finished basement, blue stone patio, white picket fenced-in yard!

moving on...happy birthday to me

I really could use a spa day for my 38th...I need a pick-me-up
But I'll be content with a cut & color, some white strips, a spray tan and...

a pedi...dim sum plum, a fantastic POP of color for Spring

I treated myself to this...

and this. I am all about gray lately; paired with my boots or flops with my fab new pedi color equally awesome (tanks 50% off + free shipping, makes them a sweet deal! Images courtesy of Nordstrom).

More "Homes I Love" tomm and then I'll be back next week for Home Tour Tuesdays/Show us your Playroom...

March 9, 2011

taking deep breaths...

My angel baby during the first month of his life. There aren't words to describe it and these pics bring tears to my eyes. My "lady doc" blew my mind today when he told me I may not be able to get pregnant, or sustain a pregnancy, again. Words were flying from him, my eyes were tearing...I didn't expect to feel so sad. I wasn't even sure I wanted another, but it's different when someone tells can't? I will continue to be positive...expect the worst and hope for the best...