May 29, 2013


I've jumped on the outfit documentation bandwagon.

Maybe it's the few pounds I've dropped, or motivation for the few more I'd like to shed.

Or to shop my closet and show off.  I keep EVERYTHING(despite my closet purge of April).  I found an adorable vintage Express dress at that time.  I've worn it twice and always get a compliment.  It's 20+ years old.

Or maybe I'm doing it for some feedback, some constructive criticism.

Or because this crafty, unmotivated home & garden girl is really slacking on the blog front?

I dunno, but for some or all of these reasons, I'm having fun with it!

I'm officially obsessed with Instagram.

My favorite hashtags:

If you are there too, find me!

I've also been stalking Lindsey @ the Pleated Poppy for awhile.  I get so many great ideas from her readers own ensembles.  Check it out...

pleated poppy

I still have plans for this little blog.  When school and soccer season are out, it'll be a touch easier.

Until then...

Thanks for visiting!

May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all of the amazing Mothers a beautiful weekend!

This is where I will will be spending the majority of mine...

We've made progress, hope to make more!

I'll be back regularly really soon...with some recipes, a giveaway, coffee talk and my feelings on selfies & OOTD's

Thanks for visiting!

May 1, 2013

Big weekend Coming Up

 ~ The Kentucky Derby & Cinco de Mayo ~

What are your plans for either day? Will it include dressing up and a mint julep or Mexican music & culture?

Here are a few of my crowd-pleasing recipes that are event appropriate.


{all images via Pinterest}

Thanks for visiting and have a fabulous weekend!