December 30, 2010

Happy New Year....

photo courtesy of the Ocean Gate, NJ official website

I don't know what 2011 will bring to my family, but I am wishing the best to you and yours! Life is full of uncertainty, but I am hoping the new year will bring us health, wealth and good fortune. It is so nice to be able to start fresh in so many ways...My resolutions are too be kinder, more patient, skinnier and more active! Totally do-able ~~~~~

I also plan to blog more ;-) it will keep me accountable!

December 28, 2010

Cabin Fever

Snow Cones
Christmas lights have been on for days.....
many drifts...
waist high in places
farewell "blizzardcane", highs in the 40's by Friday....

December 23, 2010

~Merry Christmas~

Glimpses of last year..
Where did the time go?

This is is our forecast for this weekend...will it be a repeat of last year?

Wishing you & yours a very happy holiday! Hope it's a wonderful few days for all!

Be back next week with some interesting posts....the PH-levels of J.Crew tees, clik-claks and my re-entry back into the world of Ebay.

December 22, 2010

Tick * Tock

I surrender
The clock is ticking...
To bake and

and clean.

The house is neat (deep cleaning will have to fall by the wayside) and I have the "kindness of others" baked goods (never got to bake my cookies), if I remember these two simple things I can stop beating myself up and enjoy the next couple of days....
* Watches by Eleven Eleven (FUN ~ takes me back to my Swatch Watch days!) and the AWESOME aprons are from the Etsy shop The Kitchen Roost via (Let's just add more items to my ever-growing wish list....)

December 21, 2010

Moroccan Prestige Poufs

Photos courtesy of Elle Decor

What a happy girl I would be to have an orange leather pouf for my living room! $225 is actually not a bad price for what I think is a piece of jewelry for a room; a great burst of color. They remind me vaguely of the hunter green hassock I would roll around on for HOURS at my Grandmothers house growing up.

John Derian offers a line of poufs as well, but they are a bit more pricey. I’ve also seen blogs where a lesser quality pouf can be found for as low as $19.99. At, they have some really fun & unique things, and while I’m dreaming I’ll take Morrocan Urn #74, too!

December 20, 2010

Homes I Love...

Large foyer hosting this FANTASTIC bench...*l*o*v*e*
Classic Cape Cod in Sea Girt, NJ Love the details in this home

Walls of windows make me happy

The built-ins are incredible and I love the tasteful & understated holiday decorations.

December 17, 2010

Product Endorsement & a tip!

I like to use this blog for sharing bits & pieces of our home and home *stuff* I love, but I need to give props to a beauty product that is working overtime for me this holiday season.

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream is AWESOME!!! At first I wasn't impressed...ok, it was a great base for makeup, but as time wore on I did notice a tightening of my lids especially...With the lack of sleep, hydration and some stress this holiday season, I need all the help I can get!

MAC's description of their product: The super-charged, caffeinated cream with instant effects. De-puffs, erases the look of dark circles, firms, soothes and softens skin around the eye. Special optics act like magic to fade away lines.

It can be used sparingly and for $30, is one of the more reasonably priced creams that I've seen on the market.

**ADDED BONUS**: If you spend $50 @ MAC Cosmetics, you can get your makeup done for free. I wait to stock up until I have a wedding or event, and by spending $30 on this product, $11 on fake lashes and a tin of shadow or a lip gloss~you are good to go! Just don't forget to give a little tip to your makeup artist! Enjoy!!

December 16, 2010

Love the "Tree"

I am LOVING the textures and shapes
2 Bucks!!

Dollar Tree that is! I picked up these 2 bags of FABULOUS potpourri shapes, pieces, not sure what to call them?! Thankfully they are scent-free and I can add my own aroma with oils, but they will surely be a nice addition to a tabletop display in the BLEAK month of January. They may even make an appearance in the foyer if I get my painted table project done...

Yay ~ something to look forward to in January (if you haven't already figured it out, I'm not a fan of January...)

December 13, 2010

Teacher Gifts

It's a thrifty year for us, so in lieu of gift cards or Bath & Body Works or something else to that effect, I found this little project online. I filled glass jars with m&m's, will decorate with festive ribbon and attach this sweet little note. Thank goodness for teacher resource websites!

Green is for the inspiration you gave to me each day,

Blue is for your patience in showing me the way,

Orange is for your warmth and your caring style,

Yellow is for the way you could always make me smile,

Red is for my life that you touched this year,

You’re a very special teacher, like this jar-that’s clear!

Thank you so much…
Love, Brennan & Collin

December 10, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

This new ensemble for my Ballard "Terrific" table...
Honeybee lace panels from Country Curtains (and a room to put them in, they are a tad too dainty for my boys)

The David Yurman Confetti Ice topaz necklace to match my ring...

and perhaps the cuff?

The Gucci Positano tote. I have wanted this bag for years...I don't even think it's made anymore...

Hubster and I are on a strict budget this year and probably from here on out (!), it IS all about the kids, but it can be fun to dream! I think I did fabulous for him on our $20~ish budget and he will be pleased....and if he picked up on my hints, I too will be happy with mine. The above are my d~r~e~a~m gifts...some attainable and some off the charts.

December 9, 2010

~2010 Christmas Tree~

Our tree is a hodge podge of ornaments collected throughout the years. When I was about 20, I discovered Pier 1 Imports and started my bachelorette collection...all pinks, purples, turquoise and white glittered ornaments. As time went on and Bill and the kids came into my life, we just started collecting what moved us...terra cotta santas & silver stars from mexico, canoeing & fishing ornaments from the outer banks, angels of all types from craft shows, flip-flops from key west, snowmen of ALL varieties and of course the most special...babies first Christmases. Our tree topper that I LOVE is a gold and glass star from...Rite-Aid! No matter how your tree is decorated, fancy or simple, when you light it for the first time and step's Magical...

December 8, 2010


What's wrong with this picture(besides the nasty industrial flooring)? That's right, that is how this girl came to work today. I am in the beginning stages of holiday frazzle....decorating, countless christmas parties, Collins Christmas play, breakfast with Santa, the hubsters birthday and his jingle bells 5k, shopping, wrapping and cooking...have I forgotten anything? Oh yes, my breakfast today and Brennans spoon for his fruit @ daycare....

I love it all's what makes this time of year special ;-)

December 7, 2010

Snippets from our space ~ Part two

Our banister...
Wooden & metal ornaments...

Courtesy of dollar stores (gotta love a thrifty display that looks more "custom")

Simple mini boxwood wreaths and electric candles...gosh that sofa needs some color! The pillows are ticking stripe, hard to tell. I had to hide my PB pillows that used to be on it from baby drool!
Newel post angels...putting stars atop their trees...(please excuse the hideous border that I inherited with the house!)

I am linking up with Rhoda from Southern Hospitality for her Christmas Vignettes Linky Party. Thank you for stopping by!

Snippets from our space ~ Part one

Actually looks kinda ok there with my grandmothers compote and my Tracy Porter pieces?!

Love this sign!

Our elf on the shelf is Herbie....he has magical powers and reports to Santa every nite!

Some kid stuff....and husbands leg lamp.

December 6, 2010

~2010 Christmas Mantel~

I am linking up with Layla @ the Lettered Cottage for the Holiday Home Linky Party ~ Thank you for viewing my post and for visiting my blog! My theme is silver and gold with a splash of greenery. Using items I had (mercury glass, hurricane, vintage clock, silver star from mexico, and peace blocks that are ancient) and items purchased from the dollar store (silver & gold bells, silver and gold ornaments and all of the accessories to make the wreath), all that was needed to complete the look was the *fire* aka many strings of lights! I had to edit the base of the fireplace for baby Brennan, but as the years go by, that shall change... I am already thinking about next year, changing it up a bit...hmmm burlap, seashells and fresh greenery......