January 18, 2011

More of our Master Bedroom

Hallway to our master bath and my closet. I will NEVER show you either, as I am mortified to reveal the disco tile & shag carpet that the former homeowners left behind (although they rocked the rest of the rooms carpet with PLUSH padding!)

There are 8 hooks on hubbys closet door....he has EVERY single sweatshirt and hoodie he owns hanging from those hooks....it must weigh more than we do!

The closet pictured here is where trends go to die....must purge soon...

We moved into this home in Aug 2009, our old bedroom was 8x8 with no closet. This one is 25x19 with 3 closets, and I think we earned it. We work crazy hours and that combined with 2 little ones, sleep is very important. This room is dark and away from the noise of the rest of the home, so rather than be a "showplace" it's very serviceable.

But should it ever become a "showplace" (after I win the publishers clearinghouse), I am going to seriously work that windowseat!

I am adding these pics after showing off my nightstand on Flip Flops & Pearls/Webbisodes Home Tour Tuesdays. Have a lovely Wednesday!

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