January 18, 2011

Lights Out! Home Tour Tuesday

I was going for a Hollywood Glam ala http://hookedonhouses.net/2008/11/11/tori-spelling-and-dean-mcdermotts-love-nest/ Tori Spelling's old master bedroom. Obviously, there furniture budget is not MY furniture budget, so I picked up a cheapy mirrored side table from Pier 1. The mirrored chest I really wanted was from Horchow for $699....ummm, no.!
Hubbies nightstand...clock, phone, kindle. Photo of him and Collin on the day he graduated from the Police Academy and a photo of his mother. All very orderly and neat. And then there is...

My mess! I actually pulled items from the itty-bitty drawer on my nightstand, so you can see the RANDOM stuff I keep in there such as; special cards and my #1 mom button, cough drops, nail file, measuring tape (Ugh...for my waistline), theatre programs, St. Patricks day face tattoos and beads, eye cream, bookmarks and froggy reading light, my nameplate from my high school job @ Things Remembered and the book I was reading when I had Brennan....haven't touched it since :( I had like 20 pages to go!! Someday I'll pick it back up....

How it normally looks...lamp, clock, baby pics and a vase my grandmother received on her wedding day in 1934.
I am linking up with Flip Flops & Pearls for Home Tour Tuesday ~ This weeks theme is Lights Out {show us what's on your nightstand}. Sending my get well wishes to Shannon, too!

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