October 29, 2013

What you should be buying at the Dollar Store {right now} and Hurricane Sandy anniversary

Glassware for your holiday gift-giving and crafts.

Case in point...XL beer mugs.  Put a holiday craft beer in a mug, tie with a festive bow and a custom label and you have the perfect gift or party favor.

Holiday tins for your homemade cookies or candies.

Cupcake transport.  If you leave them with the hostess or at school, who cares? It was a buck.

Some stores have decorative glassware that isn't too cheesy.  Go ahead and splurge on that Yankee Candle, the accessory is only $1 and looks vintage. 

Baking tins and disposable hot beverage cups.  I actually prefer these coffee cups to the Chinet brand at Costco.  They are sturdier and rinse well for even further use...

Flash cards for toddlers.  Buy a few and stick them in your car for a little surprise on a long car ride with the kids.

Not really cheaper, but this sort of stuff will get you at the register and it is runny-nose season.

Gag gifts for tweens.  Throw some of these extras into a bag with a gift card.  I also pick up "beauty products" in the HBA section to enhance a young girls gift.  Hair scrunchies and head bands, mirrors, hand lotions, etc...

Because, really, with kids it's quantity over quality.

Chips.  For the husband that complains that you don't have enough junk in the house. 

All items and some photos courtesy of the Dollar Tree stores.

On another note....

Today is a year since Hurricane Sandy affected our area so terribly.  Our family that was affected are all back home.  I still have friends who are not back home and who don't have homes to return to.  Here is my last post before the storm.  And here is my post when I returned to blogging in January.

Prayers to those who are still struggling.

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