October 21, 2013

Deli Dip {recipe swap}

Or submarine, hoagie, hero, grinder or whatever you want to call it!

Delicious for a brunch or football weekends!

{Not pictured are onions & oregano}

Deli Dip

½ Pound of ham
½ Pound of salami
½ Pound of provolone
½ Head of iceberg lettuce
3 Small tomatoes
½ Cup of mayonnaise
½ Cup of oil & vinegar combo
(I used Boars Head Deli Dressing, but you can make your own)
Oregano (to taste)
Sat & Pepper (to taste)
1 Large baguette (sliced into ½-inch thick slices)

Layer/stack cold cuts and chop into ½ inch squares.  Chop onion, lettuce and tomatoes very fine.  Combine cold cuts and vegetables in a mixing bowl.  Whisk mayo, oil and vinegar and add to cold cuts/veggies.  Mix well, adding spices to taste.  You may adjust the mayo/oil and vinegar combo to taste as well.  The above measurements worked well for mine.  *Cover and refrigerate for an hour or so.  Serve with sliced bread.

* This is not a recipe to make days ahead.  A couple of hours if fine, but serve same day, otherwise lettuce will get funky.

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