October 25, 2013

Planning Ahead {Christmas 2013}

I'm as guilty as all of the major retailers pushing Christmas early, but just as September and October went by like a flash, so will November.

We will be traveling toward the end of November; first to Disney and then to spend Thanksgiving with my family in St. Mary's, GA.  I'm so excited for our trip, but I know that time will get away from me.

I'd like to put a homespun, rustic spin on our holiday this year.

And, as always, Pinterest is providing the inspiration.

How organic and beautiful is this greenery and dried orange garland?

A snowman made of fish bowls, perhaps?

Greenery, cranberries and water in a mason jar with tealights.  A beautiful and aromatic centerpiece idea...

Get the kids involved foraging twigs for a rustic Christmas tree...

...as well as, twig stars.

My Uncle Ed (way back when) used to make folk art-ish Christmas trees out of large pine cones.  He would affix the cone to a round of primitive-looking wood and lightly dab the ends with white paint, sometimes adding a bit of cotton.  Not as "primary-colored" as the one above, but elegant and bucolic.  I miss him and I wish I had more of those trees...

I am hunting eBay and Craigs List for some accessories for my Christmas mantel.  Which is why I am starting early...Pinterest is not helping when it comes to some of the vintage items I am looking for.  When/if i score, I'll be sharing!

{all photos courtesy of pinterest}

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