October 28, 2013

Ghostini's {recipe swap}


1/2 Cup small ice cubes or shaved ice
1/2 Cup of vanilla vodka
1/2 Cup of whipping cream
1/4 Cup of white chocolate-flavored liquor (we used Godiva)
1/4 Cup hazelnut-flavored liquer (we use Frangelico)
Chocolate syrup
Black & orange sprinkles or rimming sugar

Place ice in martini shaker or pitcher. Add remaining ingredients; shake or stir until blended. Dip your rims lightly into chocolate syrup and dip into sprinkles or rimming sugar. Pour cocktail into rimmed, chilled stemmed glasses, straining out ice.  

Tip:  Williams-Sonoma sells rimming sugar in 3 flavors.  They can be found here, and make a great Christmas/Hanukkah gift!

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