June 14, 2011

Picnic Pal {Semi} Wordless Wednesday

God I Love Summer...beach, pool and bbq's! A couple weeks ago I had a photo of the picnic pal that I made to take camping. I outfitted it for summer and wanted to share again because I love this thing. I ordered the ketchup, mustard and clear (relish) squeezies on Ebay (could not find them for the life of me round' here). Costco/Kirkland S&P grinders fit perfectly as well in the picnic pal and I throw in the hot sauce for my love (malt vinegar when fries are involved). I just wanted to share again, if anyone wanted to throw their own together. It is so easy to just pop it in & outta the fridge, especially for those impromtu get~togethers.
{Picnic Pal}

And just some random images from our back yard...LOVE geraniums and the scent of the leaves.

The "H" candle from the Christmas Tree Shoppes is one of those flameless, battery operated (FAKE) deals. It melted during a 90+ degree day last week....really?!

Enjoy the rest of your week ~ Traci xoxo


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