June 27, 2011

Hats Off...to a fine weekend!

My Sister-in-Law's bridal shower was this weekend. It was an afternoon tea in Chadds Ford, PA. Hats required, gloves optional. So I "crafted" this beauty from an old beach hat found in the archives.
I'm NOT crafty. I get by in all other facets of life...cooking, gardening, furniture placement, etc...but I'm not crafty. I don't think I did too, too bad! I made a Mardi-Gras style hat in the hopes that I'll break this baby out in February for a party or two...
Ribbons, and feathers and hot glue guns, oh my!
Maybe this will inspire me to be more creative 'round the house?
All from a cast off...

The Tea Party was lovely, despite the GPS sending a carload of shore-girls into the Pennsylvania wild, getting lost and arriving almost an hour late. Thankfully the trip home was smoother. Shortly after I was deposited into my bff's back yard to play with kids, family and her newly purchased Margarita machine ;-)

I'm yery excited about the upcoming Independence Day weekend; 4 days off from work and praying for tons of SUN! Hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend!

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