June 8, 2011

More MDW {Semi} Wordless Wednesday

Brennan, Collin, Kelsey, Kayla, Tyler, Liz, Emily, Kate & James Kids had a 24-hour scavenger hunt. it was a pretty extensive list of items; 4-leaf clover, literature from the campground, dirty socks (ewww), marshmallows, pine cones, 3 types of flowers, a headlamp, and so much more. A headlamp?! For Collin we tied his flashlight to a band of fabric around his head...it's all about being creative.
After the kids go to bed...Card games & cocktails for the adults!

Some shenanigan's by the boys for our friends who arrived later than we did...Yes they look like grown men, but they are really 12.

Monkey boys....

Collin sitting in a drag race car at a track up the street from the campground. A whole bunch of fun in itself...http://www.maplegroveraceway.com/blog/


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