January 31, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

Father/Son Bonding....If y'all even knew what they were looking at on the phone.  Flatulence videos.  Oh my gosh, I am so outnumbered, boys will be boys!

See the new curtains in the background...used my Pottery Barn gift card wisely.  The 63" panels are still on sale, check them out here: Elene Palampore Linen Sheers.

Winds were so bad here last night that we lost power and I woke up just as I was supposed to be getting into work.  That kinda sleeping in is not restful....

So excited for Friday.  We are going to our favorite Bar & Grille The Crabs Claw who is opening up for the first time since Hurricane Sandy.  It's going to be awesome and probably standing room only.  Holla!

I'm getting tons of hits on my Food & Recipe Pinterest Board and this blog post... Crack Bread.  I'm not even sure yet what I'm bringing to the Superbowl party we are attending.  It won't be that!  Too addictive...

I've been rolling along with my NY Resolutions.  Down 7 pounds, being kinder, not sweating the small stuff and organizing my house room by room and closet by closet.  I'm hoping I can knock my February goals outta the park!

Thanks for visiting ~ Have a fabulous weekend!

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