January 16, 2013

Transitions {Not Wordless Wednesday}

The littler one transitioned into a big boy bed this past week.  Unbeknownst to us, the crib conversion kit went from toddler bed to full bed.  Original Nursery can he found here: http://coastalpines.blogspot.com/2010/07/brennans-room.html 

So, all that twin bedding I was planning on....yeah.  So after getting a new mattress & boxspring, we realized that the conversion kit headboard won't work either. So no headboard and no bedding. Maybe...

Hubby started the whole..."Let him pick out his own stuff.." Ummmmm No.  They have a playroom, family room and a fridge to decorate.  His room is my job, he's the baby, my baby. Besides, he's growing too fast, I wasn't ready for this big boy bed thing.

The room isn't even scaled well for a full bed, so needless to say in a little while, littler one, will be moving into the bigger ones massive bedroom with bunk beds (and decorated to the nines with wall-E's, transformers, tonkas, surfboards and various sports teams).

So, to my husbands dismay, it's going to be feminine stripes & cabbage roses for awhile.

Because I am the only girl in the house and this bedding set was from my bachelorette pad and I've missed it while it was stored away.

Does it match? No. But we already have it and free is for me. (Wrinkled bed skirts are not for me either, I'll get to that later)

They don't seem to mind...

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