January 17, 2013

We went back {Seaside Heights}

Took the trek over to the barrier island over the weekend.  There are a few places opening up, two of which are on the boardwalk...when the boardwalk was there.  

This is the view from the Beachcomber Bar & Grill. Across the way is the Beach Bar.  From this point north the boardwalk is gone.  It's actually amazing that the Beach Bar is still there.  All of the places in Seaside were crowded, for a January day anyhow.  It was mild out, but most people were there to see what's become of everything.

We'd had a fabulous lunch at Klee's Bar & Grill before going up to the boards.  Klee's was packed, an hour wait at 1pm.  It was nice to see.  Let's give these businesses some $ back. I must say they served me the BEST grilled shrimp caesar salad I have ever had.  
Smiling, but not really...

Comfort station that used to be attached to the boardwalk.

Couldn't get near enough to the infamous Roller Coaster to take a pic.  State Troopers are stationed along every beach entrance. The police presence is thick, no one is allowed onto the beach. Although I am hearing that restriction will be lifted soon.

Last stop for photos

Kids playing on the stage.  At the bar. Don't judge.

Lucky Leo's.  Boys are so happy the arcades are back open.  While there, an Asbury Park Press photographer took the boys pictures playing skeeball and said they would be published in a series called "Voices of Sandy".  So far, not published yet.

3 Points!

It is still going to take time to restore our beloved shore.  We came in from a few miles north, over the Mantoloking Bridge and headed south to Seaside.  Let me tell you, pictures don't even begin to tell the story at that impact point.  Grand, old shore homes, some 3 stories, tipped on their sides.  Destroyed.  Walls ripped away.  I could still see a womans fully stocked closet complete with handbags and dresses blowing in the wind.

Amazing, truly amazing.

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely weekend!

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