April 4, 2011

Outside Lookin' in {Home Tour Tuesdays}

Home Tour Tuesdays {HTT} are on hiatus, but I am going to continue on, as I already had the post ready (and it gives me another opportunity to complain about our weather in the Mid-Atlantic). Daphne & Shannon are thinking up some fresh new themes for HTT, if you have anything you'd like to see, leave me a comment :)

It's still questionable round' here....greenery is still scarce (see below), so I'd rather look in than out right now. Ask me again in 2 months when grass is green, flowers are blooming and the pool is shining bright blue... All I got is Pines, Firs and bird nests... Neighbor's tree and green grass (I'm borrowin' their image outta my dining room window; hubby ripped up our WHOLE front yard and we're starting from scratch, not from SOD, from scratch! Wish us luck....)
All of the birds nests are in our Ga-Zillion Rose-of Sharon bushes/trees/weeds, whatever you'd like to call them (I'm not a fan)
Inside is a bit more colorful!

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