April 13, 2011


A girl can't live on name brands alone...unless you're bank account is unlimited. Mine is NOT. I've got my more expensive staple items..jeans, shoes, bags, etc...But for some filler I often turn to the 15 Dollar Store. That's right...everything from shoes, to jeans, to bag & belts are $15. There are a couple of catches. ALL sales are FINAL. If you're not willing to take one for the team, don't order. Their descriptions are pretty detailed and (unfortunately) I know my measurements. Shipping is higher, but the stuff is $15 bucks, so again taking on for the team. Currently, they have a buy 7 items ($105), get free shipping promo. Some stuff is a little clubby and junior-ish, but if you take the time to go through all the categories you WILL find some GEMS! I have had very good luck with tops and jeans, especially the Romeo & Juliet Couture brand (their sequined items are really well done...wash with care). I take a yearly trip or two to Karma (don't tell me you don't watch!), and the halters are perfect for someone of my "advanced" age to go clubbing ;-p In all honesty, don't waste your time looking through sunglasses, jewelry, bags, belts and hats...most of it is overpriced i.e. not worth the $15, but if you're looking for something specific, maybe it's for you.

Pictured are some current offerings from their site. The romper is adorable! The site can get monotonous, but it's worth it. I have found some really fun, well made items and I wanted to share!

xoxo Traci

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