April 16, 2014

Crew's Quarters {ORC week three} Playroom Bath

"Spring is a time of plans and projects" - Leo Tolstoy

Yes Sir, it is!  How are ya'll doing this week?  I've regrouped and gotten it together.

This is where I started, all beige-ish and rusty with Walmart accessories.

This is where I am now.  The hard part is done (cutting in) and I have a much needed 3-day weekend coming up to hammer it home. 

So today I will share some of my resources and accessories.

Ralph Lauren Greenwich hand towels in white.  Always a steal at Horchow.  The only towels we use, monogrammed or not.

Bliss lemon+sage body wash from Neiman Marcus.  Perfect for rinsing off the sand and chlorine.

Pottery Barn accessories.  PB has been on point lately with coupons and offers.

If YOU are looking for a Pottery Barn deal, use this promo code for 15% off your entire order through 4/21...

...now I just need them on Ebates!  

Mercer horizontal double sconce. A major score with rewards certificates + 15% off.

I've had the medium Piper mirror for ages, waiting on this project.  Reminiscent of mirrors had by my grandmothers.

Braided Jute basket.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint in satin, cut to 50%.

Here are the 3 throw rugs I am considering via Rugs Direct

And my one snafu below.  Letter hooks from Iron Accents.  The plan was to spell SUN.  Unfortunately, S is on backorder and U, N won't ship until mid-May.  Onto plan B.

And lastly, my original inspiration board.

Visit Calling it Home for more amazing bloggers and designers room participating in the One Room Challenge...total eye candy!

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