April 30, 2014

Crew's Quarters {ORC week five} Playroom Bath

Leaving on a jet plane...

We are leaving today for a wedding weekend in Chicago and I am really excited to go and spend time with family and friends!  Follow me on Instagram, to follow our adventures in the windy city!  

However, my room is not done.  I {hopefully} will get it done before next week, but I'm not going to stress.

Our playroom bath has come along way in 5 weeks.

Lighting and electric have been completed.  Thanks so much to Pottery Barn, whose customer service was quick and hassle-free when I received a defective item.

Electric has been upgraded and made safer and the lovely mirror is up.

Thanks to my husband for building the shelving that will be more practical than what we had.  I just need to throw a quick coat of paint on them.

A few quick spray paint projects have transformed my accessories.  My S/U/N hook plan fell through, but I painted some cheap hooks from Lowe's the color of the sun...

So that's where I am at. I'm pleased with my progress.  

Stop by next week for the finale and see some pretty and fun accessories!

I still have some projects that I want to purse in the future, like a plank wall and flooring.  But home-keeping is a never-ending  endeavor. 

This is where I started:

And this was my inspiration:

Please visit Linda @ Calling it Home to see more amazing spaces.  The company I am in this go-around is pretty awesome...

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