April 24, 2014

Crew's Quarters {ORC week four} Playroom Bath

Welcome to my One Room Challenge week four update.

I've accomplished a lot the past week and I've hit a few snags.

First off...paint is done!  I was on the fence about painting the closet, considering just closing it off all together, but that would be lazy and not in my nature.

And it's OK, I have a hair appointment on Monday...they can just cut the paint outta my hair.

I've painted many rooms in my lifetime, but not a closet. Too close of quarters for my bouffant. But all is well and it looks so much better!

We ripped out the poorly constructed wire shelving and hope to replace with more practical wood shelving.  

Reminder of where I started...
Snag No. 1.  Measure, measure, measure.  The basket I ordered for the room was too big, I found a home for it anyway...

Playing with accessories, before lighting went up.

See that fab fixture...it was installed and ready to go when a piece of the porcelain receptacle broke off.  Thankfully Pottery Barns customer service was excellent and the new one is on the way.

Also...the fixture will not be centered over the mirror.  Our budget is nil and if I were to move it, I'd want our electrician to do it.  I'll make the best of it!  Once the accessories are in, it'll work.  Hey, I'm going for vintage, not perfection.

Speaking of perfection, this is how this smells.  Can't wait to rinse off after our first beach trip!

Printed some images from the NY Public Library digital collection library.  There is a plethora of material, and you could get lost for hours.  Find it here.

So that's where I am at this week four.  We are traveling to Chicago next week for a destination wedding.  I really have to keep on keeping on, as I will lose 5 days to travel.  

I have been remiss in checking out my fellow linkers rooms and hope to catch up shortly.  I know you all are doing amazing things; and as always thanks to our host Linda at Calling it Home!

Thanks for visiting!

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