March 6, 2014

5 on Friday {birthday week}

Tomorrow officially starts birthday week (I'd like a month, but that would be greedy).  

I picked up some fun new stuff at Tuesday Morning this week.  Do you have one near you?  They are hit or miss, but man...when they are on, there are deals to be had...

Especially on these pretties.  Ikat padded throw rug and rusty, blue wire basket. *They don't sell wine and bread!

Much improved spot in our kitchen.

I picked up my second purchase for the playroom bath/powder room.  A medium (top right) Piper frameless mirror from Pottery Barn.  This may or may not be my One Room Challenge room this April.  I may not get all of my tasks complete, but it will get paint and accessories.

This is my inspiration board for the room.  Planked wall not gon' happen, but hopefully new lighting will...wait til you see the before pics.  Hot mess.

Here's a link to my homemade Irish cream recipe if ya'll are interested!  St. Patricks Day is in about a week and I know the festivities start even earlier for some.  I will be whipping up a batch for a host/hostess gift for a Kegs and Eggs party we are going to tomm.  Kegs and Eggs is a brunch party our friends have before our local St. Patricks Day parade.  It's actually quite fun and kid-friendly.

I will be taking a blog day off on Monday, as we are going to Atlantic City for my birthday with friends on Sunday night.  Great food, cocktails and the best people watching this side of the Mason-Dixon line!

Hope you have an amazing weekend, see you on Tuesday!

Thanks for visiting!

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