November 17, 2013


Santa came to soccer. 

Prepared Sunday dinner on Saturday afternoon. I literally dumped every leftover veggie, meat, dairy product and misshapen remaining block of cheese into a breakfast casserole. Good way to clean the fridge before our vacation. Now what am I going to do with 7.5 pounds of potatoes before we go....

Celebrated a sweet friends 50th birthday. A beautiful affair and unique center pieces for Rosie...

Lots and lots of Christmas prep. It's 70+ degrees on the jersey shore, may as well do it while its warm!

How come my girl friends don't come help me clean...?

Just a peek. I'm a mini white light fan, never LED, too bright for me. How about you, white or multi? Old school or LED?

In a couple of weeks, I'll share the whole outdoor display. 

Deer heads are the hot decor symbol lately. I bit...painted one for my Christmas mantle. Jury still out whether I'll incorporate it. My 4YO named him Jackie. Played around with some tree painting too...

Hope you had a fabulous weekend ~ thanks for visiting!

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