November 14, 2013

Drop Leaf Table {furniture rehab}

I acquired this table from my first home purchase 15 years ago. It's time she got a makeover. {you can see where she was painted on...totally abused as a craft table for some years}

In my head, she's a flat, olive-green and slightly distressed.  She will live either in the foyer or the dining room.  I've been pinning some options, at this point anything can happen.

What looks good to you?

This distressed black version would go perfectly in our dining room, as is.

This aqua would be an unexpected pop of color.

Totally distressed.  I could just sand mine down and achieve this.  I love the length of this table, what a great console it would make. 

Mustard yellows always make me happy, but I am trying to un-beige our home, so I need to fight the urge.

I can appreciate this version, but it's a little too primitive for our home.

Another pop of unexpected color.

Love this...I just don't have the time or patience to sand, and sand, and sand, and stain.  {Not even sure what wood mine is made of, how it would stain} This is beautifully styled.

Another gorgeous styling.  This vignette is just perfect, what an entry!

{All images courtesy of Pinterest}

If the table were to reside in our dining room, it would most likely become a bar cart.  Love the organization of a bar cart.  Not to mention, displaying special bottles and vintage barware is a work of art.  Don't even get me started on pinning bar carts.............?!

Stay tuned for results...

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