October 16, 2012

Carnival Themed Birthday Party

This weekend we attended a Carnival themed birthday party.  Happy Birthday Lea!  Unfortunately, I did not take any photos.  I will describe it a simply and clearly as I can.  

Each child was given a bag with there names on it and a list of all activities offered:  Duck Pond Fishing, Ring Toss, Sand Art, Face Painting, Balloons & Darts, Tip the Can Over, etc...  They would accrue tickets from each event. Literally, hours of fun.  It helped that is was a breezy, warm, crystal clear day.  When all of the guests convened inside for cake and singing, the carnival "workers" (teenage cousins!) set up the prize tables.  3 tables long of fun stuff for boys & girls and this is when they got to spend their accrued tickets.  The hostess had been scouring sale bins, dollar stores, etc..for a year.  The stuff she chose was really nice, not junkie {you know what I mean}, she was thoughtful in her choices.

Lets get to the food tables.  The important part...since parents were invited to partake in eating.  Boardwalk pizza slices, sausage & pepper sandwiches, burgers & dogs, mozzerella sticks, fried oreos, popcorn, cotton candy; the menu went on and on and it was delish!

I really regret not taking photos, as this was such a great time.  Visit Pinterest for more amazing ideas.  Search Carnival Party and such.  Thanks for visiting!

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