October 17, 2012

15 Dollar Store {Fashion Post}

I am by no means a fashionista.  I can hold my own though, mixing cheap & thrifted items with higher end staples.  One of my go~to cheap resources is the 15 Dollar Store .com.  Everything is $15.  Tops, Bottoms, Jewelry, Accessories, you-name it.  It can be a bargain or not.  You have to pick and choose wisely.  All sales are final.  For as long as I have been ordering from there...2 items ever have disappointed me (not quality-wise, fitting-me wise!) and I took it for what it was worth. 15 Dollars.  Here are some recent finds for Autumn.
Perfect for a Girls Night Out with a fun jacket, jeans and pumps

Perfect for Soccer Sundays with coffee & boots

Again...GNO or brunch or a bachelorette party, perhaps?

Work or Play, Layered or not. Whatever floats your boat...

I CAN NOT wait to get this Jolt vintage-inspired coat.  So sweet...15 Dollars?@#$@%!

Steven Madden belt for...pretty much anything.

Belted with the above and the boots below...Hello Autumn!

Shipping is free for orders over $100.  Shipping is not unreasonable for orders less than that.  Again, the site may look shady upon your first visit, but I have had much success.  Many of the items I had purchased years ago are still in my wardrobe and used often.  Go take a look and let me know if you find it intriguing...

Thanks for visiting!!

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