October 9, 2012

Autumn on the Outside

Cheap taupe pots from Big Lots spray-painted glossy black and filled with mums.  Glittery BOO sign from the Target dollar spot and some Dollar Tree reed, leaf and acorn picks for a little extra something, something...$11 Bucks.
 You may see off to the side there, my Geraniums are still kicking. They rose to the occasion and served me well this Summer.  Whilst spray painting the cheap pots, I threw a stencil on a lone adirondack that on our driveway near our side entrance (our house number).  A Dollar Tree wreath, aluminum bucket and Mother Natures leaves complete this vignette for $2.
 Had to throw this in, although it's not really Autumn-y at all, but this bed was a hot mess in the beginning of Summer.  Still looks pretty in October...
Mums, cabbages, kale mixed in with some mums and 2 Dollar Tree grave stones makes for a simple, yet festive entrance.

A few pumpkins and a bale of hay, complete our Fall yard. I'll give a glimpse of the inside later this week, along with a FABULOUS recipe for Jersey Sausage & Peppers.  Thanks for visiting!

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