September 28, 2011

No Purchase Necessary...

So the Publishers Clearinghouse has sucked me in. I've been completing the entry processes for over a year now, in hopes that they will park that van in front of my house (while I unknowingly answer the door in curlers and a muu-muu) and present me with a very large cardboard check for 10 million dollars. While no purchase is necessary, multiple times per week I am forced to page down through tons of stuff & magazines to complete my entry process (anyone else?? Only me...ok). Here is a sampling of the the temptations I am offered:
There is no family more patriotic than ours, but I'm afraid this would give the kids nightmares.
A close-up of the accessories. All this could be yours for $23.96.
Who wouldn't want this in their display cabinet/curio/hutch, etc...This colorful DAGGER will run you about the same as the set above...
There was a guy I went to high school with the nickname "belt buckle", he would LOVE this.
Who needs to drop a ton of cash at Brookstone on a Tranquil Moments Sound Therapy machine/clock when you can get this for the low price of $29.96? Although, it is SO colorful, I may have trouble darkening the room...

All joking aside, if you have any of these products, I apologize. I'm just a bit more subdued when it comes to decorating and my style. Confession: I actually have purchased something from the PCH folks in hopes that it will better my chances of winning. I received 8 microfiber washcloth sized cleaning rags...for $17.96. It will be so worth it when my winning commercial is aired during the Super Bowl next year.

Thanks for dropping by xoxo Traci

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