June 16, 2014

Secret Garden Archway {garden}

This is our side entrance, that is in need of some love.  Weeds, vines and those blasted Rose of Sharon's have created an unruly archway, and while not ideal, I kind of like it.  Hurricane Sandy tilted all of these trees/bushes literally to the point that I bungee corded them to the chain link fence to get them upright again.  

I flirt with the idea of taking it all down, and starting from scratch.

The walkway flows into our back yard where you will currently be met with a power washer on the fritz and toddler beach chairs.

I painted the door and replaced the fixture a while back, but this area is so sad...

I need to > trim it up, replace the pine straw mulch, plant a ground cover, powerwash asphalt, add prettier paving stones, add some color with flowers and perhaps plant  shade-friendly, flowering vines?  

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I need some inspiration....

Thank you Pinterest.

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