June 24, 2014

Deck Over {photo dump}

A couple of weeks ago, our amazing family, friends and neighbors helped us rebuild our deck.  We still have some details and stairs to finish but I wanted to post our progress to date...

Our deck was in terrible shape, painting or refinishing was not an option.

We changed the footprint to give us more elevated square footage, changing it from an L-shaped deck to a big ol' rectangle.  Cleaning out the debris and trash that had accumulated over the years.

Removing landscaping plants and rock and moving the sprinkler heads.  This deck was quite unsafe, with literally no support.  This didn't make it into the home inspection report when we purchased the home in 2009...

It was a huge undertaking and the guys got it done in 1-day, including replacing an exterior door and frame that was rotting.  The previous homeowner was a painter by trade, he should have stuck to painting....

An incredible amount of work on a hot day in May, while the wives and kids sat by the pool playing and supervising!

Feeding the guys food, beer and ice pops.

It looks and feels incredible.  Like I said we are still having to put some final touches on it and I am flirting with the idea of asking the hubby to build me a grill balcony to free up more floor space.

I've purchased a few accessories and hopefully will have the furniture placement perfected by the 4th of July.  Stay tuned for final photos!

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