December 13, 2011

Wish List 2011 {semi} Wordless Wednesday

Indulge me in posting my Christmas wish list. It's not any means!
#1 ~ I'd like to receive and not kill a Norfolk Island Pine or two...
#2 ~ Salad Spinner
#3 ~ Steam Vacuum
#4 ~ A new dishwasher
#5 ~ THIS custom bag by Ella Pearl Designs. Seleta from SimplySeleta recently featured this bag for a giveaway and I fell in love. Go here for more options, but this green tweed and royal blue trim is my absolute FAVE!

{All photos courtesy of Pinterest except Ella Pearl clutch, that is from SimplySeleta}

What's on your wish list? Is it an extravagant or practical year for you? Thanks for visting & sharing! xoxo Traci

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