December 9, 2011

Caesar Roasted Fish {Recipe Swap}

So lucky to live on the coast and have a husband that fishes! This recipe is so easy, it's almost obscene...For this recipe I used blackfish caught off the Jersey Shore.

You will need:

Fish, Fresh or Frozen (thawed)
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil

Preheat oven to 450 degrees
Wash fish, pat dry and liberally salt & pepper
Give your fish a caesar massage and let sit in roasting pan for 10-12 minutes
Roast fish for 10-12 minutes
Let fish rest in pan for 10-12 minutes under a foil tent
While the fish is resting, heat olive oil in small saute pan
Cook capers in very hot oil for 30-60 seconds (they'll pop and sizzle, be careful)
Serve fish hot with capers, lemon wedges and additional caesar dressing if you prefer.

That's it, so easy & yummy and a great way to incorporate fish into your diet. I'm going to try this with frozen tilapia from Costco next week. It was a weeknite, so I skimped on the sides, buttered noodle and steamed green beans, but it would be FAB over romaine with a crusty bread :)

Full recipe was adapted and can be found here: (obviously, I took some shortcuts)

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