December 15, 2011

Teacher Gift

I'm reposting this from last year to maybe inspire someone to create an easy, heartfelt gift for your childs teacher. I'm guilty this year of not being as creative :(. The boys teachers will get Target gift cards sweetly wrapped with a sweet treat.

M&M Jars

Couple of bags of traditional colored m&m's
Sealing jars from Dollar Tree or Walmart
Pretty card stock for the message
Pretty ribbon & wrapping

Fill your jars with the m's and attach the message below and wrap...sweet & sincere!

Green is for the inspiration you gave to me each day,
Blue is for your patience in showing me the way,
Orange is for your warmth and your caring style,

Yellow is for the way you could always make me smile,
Red is for my life that you touched this year,
You’re a very special teacher, like this jar-that’s clear!
Thank you so much…

Love, Brennan

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