November 7, 2011

What I'm reading

after turning off the reality tv. I could actually feel my brain turning to mush, by watching so much of it. I was an avid reader pre-Brennan, I missed it so much.

This is the book I was reading when I had him. I had 2 or 3 chapters to go in October 2009 and did not pick it back up until a couple of weeks ago. Was going to re-read, but I wasn't feeling it.

Just finished American Eve last night. Truly disturbing. I am an admirer of architecture, specifically the style of the legendary Stanford White. What I learned from this book is that personally he was a monster...almost as much so as Evelyn Nesbits mother. If you are a fan of the gilded age and/or turn of the century culture, I highly recommend this book.

Ya'll know I'm a fan of the south. LOVED this book and Ricks mama. Polar opposite of the mother (and I use that term lightly) in American Eve.

This is next. A Lucky Child is about a 10YO who survived Auschwitz. The reviews are stellar and it should remind me to appreciate my life as we segue into the holiday season.

Hope to finish off 2011 with Ragtime. Classic Turn of the Century Novel.

What are you reading? What can you suggest to me? I would love to hear some of your top picks.

Thanks for visiting! xoxo Traci

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