November 3, 2011

A {week} day in the life...TGIF!

A day in the life…

5:15 Alarm goes off

5:24 Snooze

5:33 Snooze

5:35 Guilt over snooze, get up

Brush teeth, contacts in, shower, moisturize, make-up (minimal), hair (pony), dress,jewelry & perfume

6:05 Assault & taunt husband to get out of bed

6:08 Head downstairs to pack lunches, start coffee, gather jackets & warm up cars (seasonal)

6:30 Head back up to aid husband in dressing toddler (cranky)

6:40 Drop cranky toddler off at daycare and kvetch with his teacher for a few

6:50 Head up the garden state parkway to work

7:20 Arrive at work for a long 8 ½ day. Won’t get into details but the administrative position I hold is feast or famine, extremely slow or extremely busy. Summer is my slow time. Yay! More time to blog.

11:30 Lunch. Often at my desk and quite bland.

12:00 Back to work…

3:45 Head back down the GSP to pick up baby

4:15 Pick up milk, dry cleaning, lottery tickets, sometimes dinner

4:40 Arrive home and unpack us from our day

4:45 Start laundry, wash lunch dishes, get mail, check machine

5:00 Start dinner, normally 75% homemade (except pizza Fridays)

6:00 Eat dinner

6:20 Clean up from dinner, dishes, clean dishes, continue laundry

7:00 Bathe and play with happy toddler, lay out school clothes and cuddle.

7:40 Put snuggly toddler to bed.

7:45 More laundry

8:00 Depends on the day. Mondays & Wednesdays I blow out my hair to save time. The rest of nights cleaning, crafting, eBaying (I sell) or blogging.

9:30 Throw a wave to husband watching a sport of some type as I head upstairs

Wash face, moisturize, brush teeth, remove contacts, chapstick

9:40 Crawl into bed, put on a DVR’d show for background and pick up my current book

9:59 Fall asleep glasses on, book in hand

1:37 Dreaming of the weekend…

Can you tell why I'm so happy for the weekend?!

Thank you for visiting ~ Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo Traci

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