November 17, 2011

Sweet Balls {Recipe Swap}

So easy I am almost embarrassed to post it! But...the kids love these and I'm down for them loving anything that is not chicken fingers or fries. These are historically an appetizer, but I serve over mashed potatoes as a sweeter take on meat loaf.

Jar of grape jelly
Jar of chili sauce

Pour the 2 condiments into the crock pot and heat them until they blend and the jelly breaks down.

Add your meatballs (homemade or frozen) My meatballs are simple: ground beef, egg, milk, breadcrumbs, worchester sauce, fresh parley and finely chopped onion.

Cook on low for a couple of hours.

Serve over mashed potatoes or on a platter with toothpicks as an appetizer.

I know not super creative, it's an oldie but goodie, but tasty nonetheless.

Thanks for visiting!! xoxo Traci


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