March 11, 2011

will work for paint {Home Tour Tuesdays}

As neat as it's gonna get...Welcome to our playroom! Sometime in the future it will be named the CBH Club, when I get creative with paint (this room desperately needs paint....but realistically, not til' late this year, if this year at all). Notice Collin's Quad parked in the corner for the winter
We've only been in the home for 1-1/2 years, it was formally a garage, then a studio to house family or older children. For us a playroom. It houses all of Collin's toys, most of Brennans, the wii and Daddy's kegerator in the kitchenette. (Nice...boys will surely appreciate THAT during their formative years....)

Again....another place in our home that is DESPARATE for shelving

Kitchenette and a handy~dandy 1/2 bath.

I am blessed to have a spot to house all of this stuff, so many do not. It's lacking asthetically, not very stimulating, but again hope to jazz it up in the future. I do like how the entrance from the house is elevated and I have visions of the boys putting shows on that "stage"! On that entrance wall we do plan on painting it with chalkboard paint, so the boys can express themselves (or eat the chalk depending on which one!)

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