March 28, 2011

Pete & Elda's

There is a landmark on the Jersey Shore called Carmen's Pizza/Pete & Elda's Bar. Pete & Elda's for short. It is home to a legendary, paper-thin crusted pie. Toppings are discouraged, as it will weigh down the thin crust, but I am partial to sausage & peppers (they are sliced thin too). You shall NEVER order extra cheese.

I can honestly say this place is in my blood; my mom had it on March 11th, 1973 (just hours before I arrived). I think I may have figured out their secret ingredient(shredded provolone cheese ~ shhhh). Not that it matters, it's pretty hard to recreate. Oh, and the sauce...I'm not even going to go there, you'll have to try it and see!

Patrons who eat a XXL alone get a free T-shirt. The XXL slices folded on top of each other = about 3 slices of boardwalk pie, but not nearly as tasty!

These guys did not earn their T-shirts, but daddy did. I am just happy my picky eaters TRIED it at all!

If you ever find yourself down the Jersey Shore, try Pete & Elda' ME, it's worth the wait and lack of parking spaces~

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