March 24, 2011


I am not a purveyor of fine art, in fact most of mine is inherited, homemade or Homegoods. I'd like to be though...and I enjoy interpreting pieces. I recently saw a story on the 5 o'clock news about Artsicle. It's a NY-based program that allows buyers to lease an artwork for $50 per month and if they like it, they buy it; or if not they can trade it in for a different piece or simply return it all together. Currently, the program is only available in the NY area, but in time I am sure it will expand. It's such a fabulous concept...even if you'd like to lease a piece for an event or function. I have found 3 pieces that I would love to find a home (in mine!) for.... Easel by Alexander Motyl - 24x24 - $750 to purchase
Untitled by Katarina Wong - 15x12 - $400 to purchase

Ocean by Alexander Motyl - 12x12 - $500 to purchase

Keep an eye out in a city near you for this program and for more information go to

All photos courtesy of Artsicle

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