February 22, 2011

Serves a Purpose {Home Tour Tuesdays}

It's really just hubby's room and this is what it's all about.

Prints by Alan Maltz...Last sunrise & sunset of 1999 and first sunrise & sunset of 2000, Key West. One of the few embellishments in the room...otherwise it's quite bland.
Love my rug, but you know pedialyte stains pretty bad...shoulda waited a few years before investing in a PB rug...

I painted the room dark chocolate last year to add to the man-cave theme(and to draw your eye AWAY from the 70's paneling). I hung some curtains to separate the living room and tv room, the afternoon sun can be brutal.

A mirror and some lamps finish it off. I am looking forward to adding to the room and warming it up in the future, but for now it serves it's purpose. I am linking up with Daphne & Shannon for Home Tour Tuesdays. Check it out ~ I'd love to peek and get more inspired!

Also, CHECK OUT my 2 posts from yesterday regarding my craigslist find....I NEED input!! Thank you!!!

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