February 7, 2011

My 1st Blog Experience (and I didn't even know it)

It was the creator of these beautiful pieces, Tracy Porter.

This is the piece that started my obsession when I saw it at a shop in Key West November 2007. Hubby bought it and had it shipped home for me. The name of the line is Artesian Road. When we returned home I immediately googled (or maybe I asked Jeeves) Tracy Porter and was taken to her blog chronicling her life, work, family, etc...It was new to me, getting a glimpse into this womans life (back then in the midwest, I believe she is now in CA) her handsome hubby and beautiful gaggle of sons! And, of course, her LOVELY creations. I think she may have even sold her products via the blog and a catalog which I immediately requested.

It was the kind of catalog that you curled up with and took time to read and placed items in your home, in your mind. Unbeknownst to me before receiving the catalog, she also designed clothing and accessories...Bonus!

However, while I enjoy Mrs. Porter's items, she was always a bit out of my budget.... I receive additional pieces as gifts or I have to admit to heading to Ebay to save a few $.

My latest addition (Neiman Marcus $16 free shipping~go me!). I've found that Artesian Road is very versatile and can mix & match with alot..woods, pewters, etc...HOWEVER, there are so many more pieces I want (and so many more I NEED to actually use these babies at a party, reception, holiday...); I am hoping to score some cake plates that I plan to use for appetizers at our quarterly game nights. I find it ironic that, I too, can share my little life with people. Follow this link to check Tracy Porter and her beautiful merchandise for yourself http://www.tracyporter.com/

Home Tour Tuesday is on hold til' next week ~ I am looking forward to showing you all my boys bedrooms ~ Have a great day!

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