February 11, 2011

Help ~ Our Office Needs a Makeover!

Please forgive my dark photos. This is our office, that is right off the family room via a french door (in other words, can't hide it). In here we have a large desk with matching wood file and...
the Clik-Clak. The Clik-Clak is an incredible pleather futon from Big Lots. I love it more than most of my "real" furniture. Currently, it stays in the down position, so little boys can play, romp & lounge.

My problem with the room is furniture placement (as well as the world traveler wallpaper border left by homeowners past). I hope to erase it in the future but I love my valance (Ebay, 8 years ago, Ralph Lauren Sarah Floral, 2 pieces = $3)

The closet juts out into the room and makes it awkward. I'd like to move the desk away from the wall, but then how do I deal with cords and hard drives, etc... My girlfriend suggested installing wireless internet...what the heck is that?! (neither one of us is technologically sound)

If someone wants to offer some advice I would LOVE to hear. I was thinking about moving the 5x9 rug underneath the desk and angling the 2 main pieces across from each other. I guess I just need to play with it, until I am happy with it. It sure would make paying bills alot easier if the room flowed better!

Have a great Weekend!

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