February 21, 2011

Craigslist Part Two ~ the Find

Paint is cheap & versatile...can change the look of a room in just a couple of hours (or days for walls!)
The possibilities are endless...love this combo, but it prob wouldn't work at home.

So fresh & crisp!

2 for $99...Nice...love Ballard. But, how about...

3 for $50! I literally "stumbled" upon this on my 1st trip into Craigs world. It was less than an hour away, so we (I) decided to check it out. The seller added the tabletop (was glass) and everything is in pretty good shape. I wanna stick it in the empty corner of the living room as a game area for the boys or whomever....

My problem is...the chairs are so charming as is, but the table needs paint, so I am torn. Originally I was thinking a sage green or bright orange....but I got to tell you I am kinda loving the black in my inspiration photo... I have a large black framed vintage tropics pic in the room that it would tie perfectly in with....It's just a bold move on my part, I'm not THAT adventurous! Thanks for any and all input :-)

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