April 25, 2013

Spring Cleaning {Closet Cleaning Tips}

and closet purging.  Do it now before the sultry allure of summer summons you to the outdoors for a few months.

I've recently finished my own closet and hope to tackle husband and kids this weekend. 

I took everything out and made piles:


For Friends/Family/Co-Workers




It was simpler than I thought.  7 bags to Goodwill, 2 bags to friends, 2 bags to list and sell on eBay and 2 bags of garbage.  Into the garbage went anything that was compromised with tiny tears or stains.  Friends et al, got stuff I love, but sadly don't fit into anymore be it too large or small.  

With a more organized closet, I was able to organize swim suits, scarves & belts and even sweatshirts.

Before the clothes went back in, the closet was cleaned deeply and cedar accessories were added to keep it fresh.  All wire hangers were switched out for wood, metal or plastic.

eBay got the brand name stuff that I could make a decent profit on.  I'm happy to say that I've already made over $200 and sales keep coming.  Can you say replenish?!

I also worked on my costume/fashion jewelry.  I've had this Pottery Barn accordian hook rack for ages.  Hung it on a bare wall in my closet, hung the costume-y stuff.  I can see it and make better use of it now and it allows my good/heirloom jewelry to rest less cluttered and cramped in my jewelry box.  I did NOT get rid of any jewelry!

Winter shoes and boots cleaned and stored away til' next year.  Winter coats and sweaters are at the cleaners now and will be stored for the summer.  

Basic Closet Cleaning Tips

Create your piles
Make a shopping list for basics you will need to replenish
Be honest.  It may be sentimental, but will you (or can you) wear it again?
Upgrade your hangers
Organize by color or type of clothing (work/play/outerwear/camisoles, etc.)
Keep it neat!

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