April 22, 2013

Hutton Happenings

A plethora of parties...this one had Mr. Scott, our favorite local children's entertainer

Anniversary reflections and a night out

A jackpot, albeit a small one {penny slots!}

A total yard makeover.  Long overdue.  New sprinklers, sod, beds and plantings.  

Can't wait to show off the after pics & enjoy a more maintenance-free summer.  We've chosen leyland cypress, white pines, inkberrys, pampas grasses, red maple, southern magnolias, pee gee hydrangea...just to name a few.

Little monkeys tree climbing

Clean eating.  I am down 10lbs. since January....now if I can only get back to the gym.

Why can't cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, gardening + plus a full-time job be enough?!

I purged my closets this past weekend and got control of the chaos.  7 bags to goodwill and donations and 2 piles to sell on Ebay.  Have to replenish a little bit!

It's still chilly here on the Jersey Shore, everyone is starting to get crabby about it.  How long before we are all complaining that it is too hot...

Hope you are doing well lately ~ Thanks for visiting!

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